Saturday, May 2, 2009

About my Organizing Journey... and the blog you will read..

This is where I tell you how I got organized...

This is my personal story into the world of organization. So, you want the scoop. You followed the link. So, get prepared for your journey.

Let's go back a few years. It was 1997. I was surrounded by palm trees and Spanish speaking people. Our home, that is, was surrounded by these things, as well as some great iguanas, monkeys, and toucans from the tropics of Panama. Our home, like much of the military houses on our street, was equipped with many more conveniences than the locals enjoyed. After all, we had a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a vacuum cleaner AND air conditioning.

With all of this, why would I feel at such a loss for organization? Just because I was expecting my fourth baby in five years, my husband was piloting military aircraft all over Central America, and my mother was a million miles away (or so it seemed) were not real excuses as to why I couldn't properly function as a homemaker.

The real reason, as is the reason for many failures in life, is that I left God out of the equation. I was going forth from thing to thing.. from meal to meal.. without REALLY asking God for help. Once I realized this, I dropped on my knees asking the God of Order.. the God who made the universe.. if He could help me get organized.

That day changed my life. The house probably looked exactly the same when I got off my knees as it did when I went down there, but I was different. My attitude was different. I had the most organized God in the world--surely He could help me with this tiny little house. So, my journey began.

My blog organized everyday is a combination of 1. practical lessons learned in organizing 2. and things I am currently learning as a wife/mother, daughter/friend.

Not every post is about organizing. I just thought it would be too dry, sterile and dull. I wanted life to unfold before you, as it is in its richness and color. I love people and relationships. I love the funny things people say and do. I love to make a story about anything that comes my way.

But I do want to say this HERE.

There are many good ways to organize a drawer or plan a menu, and I will probably explore All of them over the course of time, but there is only one way to have REAL peace of mind and organization within.

The mind is a confusing thing. Have you noticed you can have more than one thought at the same time and both of these thoughts can conflict? It is like there is a mini-war going on inside. This mini war is evidence that there is sin in there. Not every thought that we have is sin, but it's the sinful ones that really drag us down.

In case you are feeling like you are the only one sinning, I have good news for you. All of us are sinning. The Bible says: All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Sin is lying, stealing and committing murder. You probably know that already. But sin is more than that. It is choosing to go your own way: rebellion.

Until you realize you are a rebellious sinner, there really is no need to go forward in your search for God and true peace of mind. He (Jesus Christ) died on the cross for your sins. If you really think you are "pretty good" (other than the fact that you aren't organized), then you really don't need God.

Not convinced yet?

Why do people need help with getting organized anyway? Sometimes there are genuine practical reasons for being disorganized--things completely out of our control. There's no need to feel guilty about what is not our fault. At other times, we have to face the fact that our selfish, self-indulgent ways have caused us to make a series of bad decisions. In order to cover for these, we just lie or do other deceptive things. Pretty soon, you can hardly keep track of what you've done to whom, let alone where everything is! This makes life complicated.

But even if you have a "short list" of problems and sins, it doesn't mean you can get to God. I suppose that most of you have a big bag of "good things you've done" to outweigh the "short list" of sins. If only that were true! There is no bag big enough to outweigh even one sin. The scale is tipped to the bottom, and it's staying there. So, what are we to do? just give up? Go on sinning because there is NO HOPE.

There is No hope in the world. No amount of organizing, time management, menu planning or even church attendance can cover for sins and the effects of them. No amount of good works can out weigh them.

There is only one hope: Jesus Christ.

When we are taking about Jesus, I suggest you go to the source, like a good journalist. Plays, songs and books about Jesus are not the best place to start. Start with the Bible: the book of Luke or John.

You will discover His uniqueness there. I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you everything. You'll discover a lot of great things about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is God. He is available to you.

Do you need a Savior? I know I do. I needed him to save me from my sins, and I need him everyday to get and stay organized. The more I depend on him, the happier I am--organized or not. Even on the worst days, I am still saved. I still have the assurance of eternity with my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Come to Him today. It's the real thing. Stop that crazy war inside. Stop running from thing to thing. Just stop. Listen. He's calling you.
This is not an on-going blog. I will post regularly at: Organized Everyday. Thanks for reading.