Monday, April 20, 2009

Review of Office Max: In Place Systems

This is a compensated review from Blogher and Office Max.

If you would like to get organized with your office clutter "straight-a-way" as the Australian native, Peter Walsh says, you need to consider the new line of IN-Place system by Office Max.
Designed by Walsh in conjunction with Office Max, the In-Place system presents a new twist on simplicity.  

Clean, simple, versatile are three words that I would use to describe the system.  

What it entails: file folders, envelopes, carrying cases, and a bunch of colored sticky notes with matching clips are all in a lightweight but durable poly medium.  Everything is recyclable and reusable--including an erasable pen! 

What makes this unique: Everything is designed to fit together and expand as needed. It is really the first system that actually will GROW with you.  You are only limited by your imagination.  The color-coding system allows you to know what files are where "at a glance" without tying you into a specific color scheme.  

What makes this the same as everything else: there's nothing new under the sun, so I can't say that they've actually developed some new thing that no one else has never thought of.  But it is a severe improvement on the tried and true things that everyone is used to using for containing paper.  

Special Features about these products:
Those erasable pens are pretty cool.  You can recycle your folders by just erasing what you have written on them.  

  I like the poly-acrylic material that everything is made of.  Everything kind of twists, turns and bends without tearing, ripping or looking beat up when you are done using it.

  Also, everything connects together, so you don't have those papers falling through the cracks into file cabinet abyss.  (not that it matters.. since According to Walsh, 80% of our paperwork is probably not needed)  

So, after you get done throwing out 80% of everything, we assume you will want to know where the other 20% is.  It will probably we worth investing in some decent office products this year.

The complete line shown below

What surprised me:  I'm generally not impressed with celebrities, but this fella was doing more than promoting products.  He was actually giving really good organizing advice, even if it meant not buying more stuff.  It makes me want to read some of his books.  

He seemed genuinely sincere and has put a lot of thought into designing the product.  I like the thought of  "playing" with my sample products.  Office organization has not been a strength for me, so I look forward to sharing these ideas with people that I help get organized. 

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Kari said...

Those seem really neat and I love things that are reusable. I have never used a system that will "grow" with me. I usually just revamp my system every few years to meet my changing need. Not very practical of me so maybe I will give these a try.